Keka App Reviews

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Great application

A really great and much demanded application. Could you please also add a german localization? Thx!

Best decompression app

Supports most archive formats, but the real standout feature is that it just extracts without having to click anything. Due to Apple’s most recent Mac App Store mess up you need to delete the app and re-download it so it works again. Gg Apple >.>

lovin’ it

best archive tool out there at the moment. period. nice design, nice and useful features, absolutely crash-proof. a joy to use. thank you very much.

finally worth buying

Now that it opens the folder it extracted to when its done its finally worth buying.

Pretty good!

Pretty versitile all encompassing utility. It can uncompress/read all standard compressed formats out there (that Ive come across). The only drawback in my case, is that it cant create .RAR files.

My de facto OSX compression utility

Versatile, satisfying breadth of compression options, decompresses all file types I typically come across and is pleasant to use.

Works in a pinch but I’m not really satisfied

There’s no progress indicator shown when compressing files. You just hear the CPU fan spin up and then wonder when it’s going to be done. Compression is nothing new. You’d think that they could at least put a proper GUI on it.

Still needs a bit of work.

I needed a .7z opener and it came highly recommended. Used it for free for months, so I was more than happy to fork out ony $2 for it. Got a few niggles though. 1. no progress bar for .rar files. Others seem ok. 2. has some issues with permissions on unarchived files. I frequently find them not set correctly, leading to apps not running properly until they’re fixed. Something, I’m told, Stuffit doesn’t have a problem with. Keep up the good work and I hope for further development.


I will buy anything with an icon resembling a microscopic crustacean.


キモいアイコンに惹かれて購入。 とっても使いやすい圧縮解凍ツールです。 ただ、ファイル名が日本語のものを解凍すると文字化けします。 Unzippping arhchives with Japanese will generate messy named folders. Please fix it and it will be the best unzip app.


対応フォーマットも必要十分、あと少し細かい設定が’できればいいなと思いますが、十分使えます。 星一つ減らしている理由は、起動時にどんなタイミングがわからないが、頻繁に「圧縮・解凍ツールのデフォルトに設定する」ダイアログが出てくることです。仕事でMacを使っているので、余計な表示が出てくるのは鬱陶しいと思います。 I like this apps which has enough functions. But I reduce one star, its displayed often the dialog of "To set defaut application". I use mac for working. That spare dialog is the interruption for my working.

russian language

Hello. How to make Russian language to your program?

Exciting archive utility

Please add notification center support.

UI for Retina

Please, adapt UI for Retina displays! Icon - perfect! I purchased this App only for this beautiful icon in the my Dock. Solid five stars!

Great app

I’m usong this app since 2012 - works like a charm. Never faced issues with password-protected archives, mention in reviews. I wish developer will update app to support Retina and other new apple features.


Before today I would have given Keka 6 stars. I hate doing this, but you now get only one star because of a total lack of support. I’ll explain. When this product works, it is beautiful in its simplicity and speed. Now it has stopped working (due to El Capitan upgrade? Don’t know). When I try to compress, a progress window goes on forever, saying it’s calculating the time remaining. When I inspect the process Keka7z in Activity Monitor it seems to be examining EVERY FILE ON MY DISK. That’s not the worst part. When I clicked on Keka Support here in Apple’s App Store, I followed the path to manual registration on the Forum page. A registration confirmation (anti-spambot) question asks who won the MotoGP this year? It would not accept Rossi or Márquez, and finally kicked me out for too many tries. Because of this idiotic filter I’m unable to reach Keka tech support.


Supossedly one can password-protect a ZIP folder but it’s impossible to figure out how becuase theres no mention of this in the rather sparse “Help” page. I’ve even managed to get the application to display a window that allows you to enter a password but it’s impossible to apply the password to anything. Infuriating!

Used free for a while but bought this and happy with it.

I had been using the free version from their site for many years pre macOS 10.11 and was alway happy with what it would do. I recently had a rather large (1GB+) zip file that Apples built in utility, Archive Utility, would not handle correctly. I purchased Keka 1.0.4 from the store and it handled uncompressing the file with out issue. I have not yet upgraded to 10.12, and will be waiting a few more months before doing that, so I can not attest to any possible 10.12 bug issues noted in other reviews.

Nice app!

Its my favorite file archiver for OS X! The most awesome feature is *it can create encrypted 7z file* with password! But theres a little problem with unicode filename, hope will be fixed in next version.

dont waste time and money

I just found that keka is free in are the same one. Why we should pay here? Most important of all, Keka is much less functional than any same kind of software. it is a totally waste of time even it is free in sourceforge.

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